• Tech

    We are a bunch of tech geeks - web developers, scrum masters, project managers, and architects. But that's not all, you’ll find among us admins, helpdesk technicians, and deliverability and compliance specialists.

  • Business
    & Marketing

    We are industrious marketers, product managers, writers, social media geeks, design wizards, SEO magicians, and challenge seeking sales people.

  • customer

    We are tech-savvy and customer oriented multilinguists working as account managers and customer support specialists.

  • back office

    We are scrupulous accountants and finance specialists, fast thinking lawyers, resourceful office assistants, and passionate HR specialists.



GetResponse LinkedIn

Senior Management

  • Simon Grabowski
    Simon Grabowski CEO
  • Daniel Brzezinski
    Daniel Brzezinski CMO
  • Ola Grabowska
    Ola Grabowska Customer Success Director
  • Marta Zabłocka-Peterson
    Marta Zabłocka-Peterson CFO
  • Wojciech Zwiefka
    Wojciech Zwiefka CTO
  • Maciej Ossowski
    Maciej Ossowski Director of Enterprise Sales



We are the ones who bring the vision and ideas to life. We create, optimize, and deliver. We get stuff done.

We are web developers, scrum masters, project managers, data scientists, anti-abuse engineers, and tech geeks who love what we do.

Yeah, 'love what we do' may sound cliché, but it’s no joke for us! We build stuff that is used by the world — and that's golden.

GetResponse is 100% made in Poland, and we sell our software to 350,000+ customers from 192 countries. Being part of something bigger is like adrenaline, it gives meaning to what we do every day.

We love PHP, Perl, JavaScript, Ruby, CSS, HTML, VoIP, Java, Flash, C#, and Python. We are also crazy about data. MySQL, ElasticSearch, Hadoop are all our tools of the trade.

We learn eagerly, network, and expand our horizons. We take part in developer seminars, conferences, and workshops all the time. We unplug ourselves completely and get the ball rolling by rocking during the famous GetResponse CodeFests.

All that code rage makes us crave for great brain food. Tasty breakfasts, energy drinks, yummy cakes on Friday — they've got us covered. Sweet!

What are you waiting for?
Join us, and let’s deliver together!

The Tech Team:

  • Dariusz - Ruby Developer
    Dariusz - Ruby Developer

    I am a person who believes in constant self-development as the key to success. I enjoy learning and acquiring new skills and challenging myself every day. When I am not working I spend my free time relaxing with my friends and family.

  • Paweł - Front-end Developer
    Paweł - Front-end Developer

    My main goal was and still is to make the web more beautiful. In my free time I look for front-end news and try to use it to improve my work. I'm interested in self-development, too. My priorities are being motivated and happy. In addition, I like having fun.

  • Bartłomiej - Front-end Developer
    Bartłomiej - Front-end Developer

    I enjoy various challenges and adventures in my life. After work I get on my bike and try to beat my own records. In my free time I watch American TV series (like The Mentalist, or Suits) and read biographies of famous people. I love to achieve goals and make dreams come true… and not only my own. I am a very curious person that simply can’t stop thinking about design....

  • Łukasz - Helpdesk
    Łukasz - Helpdesk

    I’m a young and energetic guy who’s always been interested in innovative technologies.I’ve gained my experience by working in this field for several years. In my spare time I do sports – gym workouts are my favorite. I was a shooter-games maniac and the boss of a virtual world, before (Now, I am not really proud of it... my spine is not so happy about this either!).

  • Michał - IT Vice Director
    Michał - IT Vice Director

    I graduated from ETI at the University of Technology.I appreciate open communication and value engaged, professional people, with a sense of humor though, as I find this essential, both at work and in my private life. You may say I am generally stubborn, but charismatic as well. Privately, I am very fond of my family, and if I was to name a hobby, I would say motorization.

  • Jakub - IT Team Manager
    Jakub - IT Team Manager

    I studied IT at the Technical University, and I enjoy working in that field. When I have some free time I choose to spend it actively. Among my favorite sports I would name martial arts, which I find the most satisfying.

  • Adam - Software Developer
    Adam - Software Developer

    I'm passionate about e-sports, movies and TV series (my favorite ones are travel documentaries). In my spare time, I like listening to various genres of music, but especially electronic music. I also like to read good sci-fi books, mostly the cyberpunk type. My dream is to visit Japan one day, a country of unique culture and rich history.

  • Tomasz - Ruby Developer
    Tomasz - Ruby Developer

    For the last few years I’ve been working as a web developer, mainly with social networking applications. In my free time I like to ride a bike, go to the gym or spend time with my girlfriend, watching movies or cooking.

  • Wojciech - Software Developer
    Wojciech - Software Developer

    I graduated with a Computer Science degree and have a strong interest in that field. In my free time, I like watching movies, from science-fiction through action and thrillers to documentaries. I took an active role in the OpenStreetMap collaboration project,where you can find some of my paths.

  • Maciej - Front-end Developer
    Maciej - Front-end Developer

    I have several ideas for spending my free time. Obviously, I often just hang out with friends, but also play Magic: the Gathering, or watch various movies and TV shows. I also enjoy good music – among my favorite bands are Tool, Massive Attack, Nine Inch Nails and Portishead.

  • Jakub - Application Tester
    Jakub - Application Tester

    I am an IT graduate and find I fit perfectly in this field. My free time is mostly music; I play the guitar and listen to the great artists – mostly Pink Floyd, The Doors and Deep Purple. Another way to spend my evening is to watch good movies, TV series or documentaries.

  • Andrzej - Software Developer
    Andrzej - Software Developer

    I am interested in everything that is connected with Linux, but besides that, I am very fond of maps in general, including a wide range of types, like historic, geographical, online and global. There is also a TV series to be mentioned among my favorite hobbies – I am a big fan of the Big Bang Theory and I can watch it for hours.

  • Dariusz - Software Developer
    Dariusz - Software Developer

    I’m a PHP Developer who laughs at PHP jokes and has recently been fascinated with the Laravel Framework. I also have a lot of sentiment for Perl. Yes, that means jokes about this language are less funny to me. ;) Among many other things, I’m a married, religious, shy guy who lives in Gdynia. A cat owner who likes dogs. A board game addict who refuses to get treatment and instead even cherishes his addiction.

  • Tomasz - Software Developer
    Tomasz - Software Developer

    I graduated from the Technical University, and I always was and still am strongly interested in programming. Besides that, I like electronics and everything connected with DIY projects. During the weekends I spend my free time with friends playing board and card games.

  • Łukasz - IT Team Manager
    Łukasz - IT Team Manager

  • Grzegorz - System Administrator
    Grzegorz - System Administrator

    My area of specialty is to keep servers running and business happy ;). I'm interested in many areas from mathematics to electronics. In my free time I like watching movies, but a good book is always more than welcome, especially during the holidays. I'm allergic to empty words so if you are honest, we are on the same page!

  • Michał - Front-end Developer
    Michał - Front-end Developer

    I like various outdoor activities, such as playing basketball, rollerblading, and cycling. Apart from that, I am passionate about music and going out to concerts. During my free time I play board games, read books (mostly about HTML/CSS/JS or fantasy – Warhammer/The Witcher), and learn new front-end skills. What makes my day? – A good cup of coffee.

  • Przemysław - Application Tester
    Przemysław - Application Tester

    I have two main occupations in my life: I work as a photographer and web developer. Apart from that, I enjoy traveling – in my free time I set out on journeys around Poland or Sweden. That is my thing. While relaxing I like listening to good music – especially rock and punk rock.

  • Szymon - Junior JavaScript Developer
    Szymon - Junior JavaScript Developer

    In my free time I am reading books and playing MMO games. I also like to travel.

  • Tomasz - Software Developer
    Tomasz - Software Developer

    I come from a small town in the mountains, yet I always wanted to live by the sea, so I am pretty content now! I graduated from the University of Technology and have a thorough education in the field of Computer Science with a specialization in Mathematical Aspects of Computer Science. I have an interest in programming and some areas of physics. After work I practise running or cycling. I also have a weakness for cars and Lego bricks :).

  • Paweł - Senior Software Developer
    Paweł - Senior Software Developer

    I studied computer science at the Technical University of Gdańsk. I am a great enthusiast of the Agile methodology and also of the automotive industry, as I am a member of the Automobil Klub in my home town. You can find me during my free time in rallies as a part of a Rally Team.

  • Tomasz - Software Achitect
    Tomasz - Software Achitect

    I am a proud father of two kids. I enjoy reading fantasy books, playing board games, traveling and spending my free time doing outdoor activities. The sport that I am especially keen on is riding my bike, especially in great surroundings, like my favorite local Landscape Park.

  • Michał - Software Architect
    Michał - Software Architect

    I am a proud father living with my family in the suburbs, away from the crowds and noise. I am a man of many passions and among my favorites there are photography, books and computer games. You might have seen me taking photos during the Depeche Mode Celebration or other events organized by DJ H12. I also enjoy reading books (I am an avid reader of SF literature) or playing computer games (Minecraft in particular).

  • Michał - Software Developer
    Michał - Software Developer

    I studied Mathematics with a specialization in IT and Numerical Methods. I have been working in IT for a very long time and I have a lot of years of work experience as a developer. In my free time I cook (and eat as well), or take care of my aquarium. There is also something active I choose to do in my free time, which is taking part in foot orienteering races!

  • Jakub - Software Developer
    Jakub - Software Developer

    I studied Math, and after some years of professional experience I can soundly say that I prefer to be a programmer than a teacher. When I am not working, I play old handheld console games (mostly Nintendo GameBoy) or ride my bike. I'm a music fan and level-101-guitarist; my favorite musician is John Frusciante. Beyond that – Bon Iver, James Vincent McMarrow, and Tallest Man on Earth are my musical vibes.

  • Maciej - Software Developer
    Maciej - Software Developer

    I have several years’ experience working for a web hosting company maintaining and improving IT systems. I'm still trying to find time to relax in my hours off... I’ve got many hobbies including computer hardware, video games, WW2 history, alternative music and many more...

  • Sławomir - IT Team Manager
    Sławomir - IT Team Manager

    In the sphere of my personal life I am a happy husband and a proud father. What do I do for a living? Ever since I completed the Paweł Wimmer HTML course, I have developed websites. I am a big fan of automation and optimization. In my free time I enjoy designing the electronic modules of building automation systems, or doing any DIY-type activities.

  • Dawid - JavaScript Developer
    Dawid - JavaScript Developer

    I am an enthusiast of new technologies and I am a curious software developer. Every day brings new inspirations to me. I am interested in computers, art and music. Some bands I really admire are: Tool, Lao Che, The Doors, Pink Floyd. In my free time I like to examine maps and analyze charts.

  • Marcin - JavaScript Developer
    Marcin - JavaScript Developer

    Various things attract my attention and I always try to be open toward new ideas. Professionally, I code in JavaScript, but once I am at home, my focus diverts to a totally different sphere, which is the history of Poland. My other love is volleyball, but if even that doesn’t make my day, I would pick up my guitar and get myself immersed in the world of music.

  • Radosław - Software Developer
    Radosław - Software Developer

    I like to stay fit and active – I like walking and hiking, going to the gym, going away for the weekend or staying in for a nice match and beer with friends. I am not biased against anyone or anything; I am broadminded and I am not interested in politics.

  • Jacek - Software Developer
    Jacek - Software Developer

    I studied two very different courses during my academic education: informatics and sports, and that is well reflected in my life. Professionally, I am a PHP programmer and web developer; privately, a sailor, instructor and a trainer. The scope of my interests covers the full alphabet, starting with acrobatics and ending with yachting. Not forgetting high tech and informatics, which are in between!

  • Michał - Software Developer
    Michał - Software Developer

    I graduated from the University of Technology. In my free time I support an academic hiking club, play the 2048 game and listen to all kinds of music, like, for example, Daft Punk, Glasvegas, and... you name it. Whenever I have some free time, I go hiking in the Polish mountains or travel around Europe. For anyone who is looking for an interesting trip destination, I can recommend Slovenia and even advise you on the hotel to stay in!

  • Maciej - iOS Developer
    Maciej - iOS Developer

    Programming is a great part of my life; however, besides that I have some hobbies to occupy me during my free time. I have been a professional photographer for many years and it is always going to be my passion. My other interests are sailing and Latin dancing.

  • Piotr - Software Developer
    Piotr - Software Developer

    Outside the world of programming and IT, I spend my time cycling, sailing (once a year relaxing for a week or two on some lakes) and searching for old pictures of cities and towns. In my opinion, old black and white pics are miniature time capsules.

  • Bartłomiej - Helpdesk Coordinator
    Bartłomiej - Helpdesk Coordinator

    I enjoy living by the sea in my favorite city, even though I have quite a distance to drive to work, and you can often spot me in the afternoon traffic jam. In my free time I like to play football, watch TV series and build things using Raspberry Pi. What is more, I love camping and traveling around Europe.

  • Maciej - Vice IT Director
    Maciej - Vice IT Director

  • Mateusz - Junior Software Developer
    Mateusz - Junior Software Developer

    I graduated from the University of Technology, but besides IT I am also a great fan of sport. I am extremely passionate about football (a huge fan of Bayern Munich) and I am also into basketball and volleyball. I spend my free time with my girlfriend and friends. I enjoy discovering new kinds of music (such as rock, reggae, electro), yet Polish hip hop is my favorite.

  • Kacper - Anti-Abuse Specialist
    Kacper - Anti-Abuse Specialist

    I am the kind of guy who is more into conspiracy theories and the origins of the universe than Friday night parties. I collect high carbon, functional, sharp swords and train fencing on my own. Whenever I have some free time I plunge into the world of fantasy by reading books and playing video games. In the context of my beliefs, I would say I am a creationist and minarchist (do not confuse this with monarchist).

  • Paweł - Front-end Developer
    Paweł - Front-end Developer

    I was a freelance developer before I joined GetResponse. When I'm off work, I fill myself with endorphins by running, and I'm always ready to sign up for a football match or any other team-building activity.

  • Marcin - Senior Software Developer
    Marcin - Senior Software Developer

    I am interested in programming, new technologies and, from a totally different sphere of life… astronomy. I spend my free time actively: roller skating, bicycle riding or swimming at the pool. From time to time I entertain myself by trying my hand at billiards and snooker.

  • Jakub - Front-end Developer
    Jakub - Front-end Developer

    I graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, and a photography school, so obviously I became a programmer… CSS is an art after all (I keep saying this to myself)! In my spare time, I like to create images in 3D graphics (I'm a Blender nerd), and to take pictures. I had a strong need to challenge myself a little bit more which is why I decided to start Master’s Degree studies in New Media Arts.

  • Roman - Chief Security Officer
    Roman - Chief Security Officer

    I enjoy navigating the intricacies of the cyber world and experimenting with new technologies. When I'm not slaving away at my computer, I enjoy exploring new cultures by traveling. My dream is to go across Greenland alone. Hopefully, it will come true one day.

  • Grzegorz - Software Developer
    Grzegorz - Software Developer

    I’ve worked for 10 years mainly as a software developer and team leader. In my previous positions, I was responsible for the maintenance and repair of large-scale web applications. In addition, I looked after an internship program. My hobbies are gardening and sport. In my free time I like to take care of my garden, and I like running and cycling. I also like reading books (medical thrillers and technical books). I have a wife, two daughters and one cat.

  • Łukasz - JavaScript Developer
    Łukasz - JavaScript Developer

    I have been working in the IT field for all my professional career. In my off hours I always prefer to relax actively, devoting myself to some kind of sport. Naming my favorites I would list biking and table tennis. What is more, I have to mention playing Quake among my hobbies – as that is entertainment I would never say no to :)

  • Krzysztof - Ruby Developer
    Krzysztof - Ruby Developer

    I graduated in IT engineering and have been working in this field of expertise since 2012. I used to be a basketball official and even though I don’t have time for that anymore you can still find me sitting in the stands when Trefl Sopot plays. I enjoy spending evenings with my family, learning new things, or playing Starcraft.

  • Paweł - Software Developer
    Paweł - Software Developer

    I am passionate about snowboarding, especially in the French Alps, but I have found its summer alternative, longboarding, amazing too. The music which I enjoy ranges from Electro Swing to Rock, and the movies which I watch eagerly are countless – I am determined to see every film regardless of its score or reviews. On the weekends I hang out with my friends in local clubs.

  • Sławomir - SCRUM Master
    Sławomir - SCRUM Master

    I have many years of experience in the IT industry, working in various positions. For over 10 years I have developed my expertise in the area of project management, as well as agile methodologies, helping projects run smoothly. In my free time, I love to read books (over 3000 pages per month) and learn new skills. During the holidays, you can often find me traveling around Europe, especially Scandinavia.

  • Rafał - JavaScript Developer
    Rafał - JavaScript Developer

    Before starting a career as a software developer, I was a DJ. I play the guitar, the drums, the sax, and I also produce my own music. One day my passion for computer science awoke and replaced music, which then became just a hobby. Now I spend most of the time learning about different fields of software development. You could say that I consider myself a 'geek' ;)

  • Tomasz - Junior Application Tester
    Tomasz - Junior Application Tester

    In summer, you can find me cycling, running, and generally just being outdoors. In winter, I prefer staying home, and watching movies and American TV series. I also like playing video games and board games with friends.

  • Krzysztof - System Administrator
    Krzysztof - System Administrator

    I have several years’ experience working for web hosting and telecommunication companies, helping manage their infrastructures. In my off hours, when I’m not tinkering with Linux, I like to watch a good boxing match.

  • Mieszko - Software Developer
    Mieszko - Software Developer

    I have several things I really enjoy doing in my free time and they would be: trying to repair cars, weightlifting, running and cycling. I also love hanging out with my friends, drinking whisky and playing tabletop games. What is more, I am a fan of oldschool heavy metal, rock 'n' roll, electronic music and sci-fi movies/books.

  • Oskar - Compliance Specialist
    Oskar - Compliance Specialist

    I finished the Aviation Academy in the UK, but transformed my career path a little and gained experience in the field of IT. I am passionate about sports, and I especially like tricking (martial arts). To relax, I would go for a good book, or excellent music – among my favorite artists are Alice in Chains, Arch Enemy, Bathory, Genesis, Judas Priest or Kat.

  • Piotr - Front-end Developer
    Piotr - Front-end Developer

    I come from Gdańsk and I have a lot of interests - from science to psychology but my biggest passion is photography.

  • Piotr - Director of Anti-Abuse
    Piotr - Director of Anti-Abuse

    I graduated from Audio and Video Engineering at the Technical University. Besides IT, I have a thing for Kubrick’s movies, Vonnegut's novels, and '60s and '70s rock music. An everyday characteristic fact about me is – I don’t take sugar in my coffee :).

  • Łukasz - SCRUM Master
    Łukasz - SCRUM Master

    I’m a huge agile enthusiast. I’m also really into off-road driving. I’m a proud owner of an old Land Rover. Besides this, I listen to heavy metal music and watch war movies over and over.

  • Artur - Software Architect
    Artur - Software Architect

    I like watching sci-fi movies or good TV series, playing shooting games, and listening to heavy rock, metal and punk music. When I am home and have some time to relax I really enjoy spending time with my family. For big time holidays I always decide to travel, especially to the mountains. As far as work is concerned, I have a motto: If you don’t know what you’re doing, do nothing!

  • Grzegorz - Android Developer
    Grzegorz - Android Developer

    I am a former rock guitarist, yet nowadays I am busy looking after my young daughter during most of my free time. I like watching movies and listening to live music. As far as sports are concerned, my top two choices are biking and rollerblading.

  • Maciej - Software Developer
    Maciej - Software Developer

    I have worked, among others, for Autentika Interactive Agency, Nokaut Group and the local information service Trojmiasto.pl for the last few years. Where hobbies are concerned, I would describe my ideal free time activities to cover off-road biking, taking photos and cooking healthy food.

  • Adrian - Software Developer
    Adrian - Software Developer

    I am a real fan of Magic the Gathering and enjoy playing in my free time. Moreover, throughout the year you can find me at various Magic tournaments. Another interest of mine are great movies and I like to spend an evening watching some epic films. I have a thing for vinyls and I collect mostly ones by The Beatles.

  • Paweł - Senior Software Developer
    Paweł - Senior Software Developer

    I enjoy working with technology, both professionally and simply for fun. Apart from coding, I process graphics and music, and read ebooks and various writings on programming or psychology. Genres such as hard and heavy metal are closest to my heart and I even played in a band for some time.

  • Sebastian - Software Developer
    Sebastian - Software Developer

    My adventure with professionally smashing bits of code into various keyboards started around a decade ago and since then it has taken over most of my life. In the rare moments when I'm not staring into a command line console or an IDE, I'm eagerly exploring my favorite interests, which cover scientific facts about the universe, colorful realities of various virtual playgrounds, fantastic scenarios of D&D campaigns, cardboard boundaries of tabletop games, or the great outdoors with my inseparable German Shepherd.

  • Piotr - Junior Front-end Developer
    Piotr - Junior Front-end Developer

    I graduated specializing in the philosophy of science and Wittgenstein's philosophy of language. I enjoy reading books and going to the cinema in my free time. Where sports are concerned, among my favorites I would choose swimming and football. My interests cover JS/css/html, which is probably pretty obvious. Moreover, I definitely love traveling and visiting new places.

  • Bartosz - System Administrator
    Bartosz - System Administrator

    Having many years of experience in ‘black windows’, along with some programming background, I’ve grabbed the chance to bring my skills to GetResponse and develop here. Being a full-time geek does not leave much space for non-tech hobbies. Nevertheless, besides being an amateur security researcher, computer graphic designer or licensed ham radio operator, I’m also an avid traveler, photographer and reader.

  • Mikołaj - Software Developer
    Mikołaj - Software Developer

    I have over ten years’ experience as a PHP developer. In my free time, I spend time with my family (wife, daughter and son), I read books or meet my friends to play board games (especially cooperative fantasy or adventure games).

  • Tomasz - Anti-Abuse Specialist
    Tomasz - Anti-Abuse Specialist

    My professional experience means direct contact with clients, working with complex procedures, big volumes of data and auditing. Apart from work I have many interests: swimming, traveling, reading books (crime stories, psychological books and fantasy) and photography. I am also a big fan of pop culture in the broad sense, including comic-books, movies, TV series and video games, which you can probably tell by my themed t-shirts. I appreciate individuals who maintain a healthy distance between themselves and the world, and have a ridiculous sense of humor. I like spending evenings out with friends at local bars, and speaking on an entirely different tack, I believe 42 is the answer to everything.

  • Aleksandra - Compliance Communication Supervisor
    Aleksandra - Compliance Communication Supervisor

    Scandinavian studies dragged me and my interests into the freezing North; however, being fascinated with the dynamic IT world I decided to change my career direction and head towards modern technologies. On a daily basis I communicate with consumers, educate them on our services and implement our anti-spam policy. My free time is devoted to journeys – big and small ones; I love planning trips, traveling and exploring exotic places!

  • Paweł - Software Architect
    Paweł - Software Architect

    Being a Perl programmer is my passion; I design and maintain mechanisms of various personalization functions, and ensure that everything works adequately by scaling web application architecture, code optimization, programming, etc. Speed and responsiveness are my main focuses. After my office hours I engage myself in Perl development projects, but also find time for some sport and ride my bicycle with great pleasure any time of the year, regardless of the temperature.

  • Łukasz - Telecommunication Projects Coordinator
    Łukasz - Telecommunication Projects Coordinator

    I am an IT specialist in the area of VoIP applications. My main objective is to transform my knowledge into visible effects and successful business growth. I specialize in the following areas: Call Center, VoIP, IT administration, development and phone conference applications.

  • Marcin - Software Developer
    Marcin - Software Developer

    I’m a software engineer. I studied computer science at the University of Gdańsk. In my work I always try to find the best solutions. I’m particularly into solving puzzles. You can find me during my free time on my bicycle or in the cinema.

  • Damian - IT Team Manager
    Damian - IT Team Manager

    I graduated from the IT faculty and I have worked as a programmer ever since. Apart from my first passion, which is IT and programming, I am very keen on motorization and electronic world news.

  • Michał - Software Developer
    Michał - Software Developer

    I’ve had the chance to work for small and medium-sized companies. I've been working as a PHP programmer for many years and I hope that thanks to my experience and skills I’ll be able to help the further development of GetResponse. In my off hours I like spending my time with my wife, who’s very supportive. Quite often you can find me at the gym and playing the video game Counter-Strike.

  • Krzysztof - JavaScript Developer
    Krzysztof - JavaScript Developer

    I graduated with a masters in financial mathematics; however, I started my professional career in the Information Technology sector and have continued on that path until now. I have always been a programmer, as I really enjoy my work and wait for new challenges that are to come.

  • Maciej - Front-end Developer
    Maciej - Front-end Developer

    I am a very engaged person, willing to work hard and put in that extra effort to learn new things every day. My hobbies are listening to good rock music and watching sports. I am a communicative person with a very good sense of humor, and always willing to face new challenges.

  • Piotr - Software Developer
    Piotr - Software Developer

    I graduated in the field of Technical Physics, majoring in Applied Informatics. In my free time I enjoy reading books of my favorite authors, who are John Grisham, Dan Brown and Stephen King. Another ideal way to spend my leisure time is to actively relax with my Labrador, Chili, playing together or jogging.

  • Paweł - Front-end Developer
    Paweł - Front-end Developer

    I am a proud father of two successors and that is a big part of my life. I am an extreme enthusiast of science fiction books and fanatically listen to film scores. I would also mention my passion for css/html/js in the context of my professional interests.

  • Artur - Junior Application Tester
    Artur - Junior Application Tester

    I really enjoy my life; if I look back at the past years of my life, I have to admit that there have been a lot of good things going on – I have met a lot of great people and found the love of my life here. In my spare time, I like relaxing on the beach or traveling across Europe. My hobbies are coding & programming, as well as watching ice hockey games.

  • Patryk - Software Developer
    Patryk - Software Developer

    I graduated in Information Technology and I have worked in that field ever since. My leisure time is mostly devoted to active relaxation with my family and friends. My top choice for a fun afternoon is going to the gigs of my favorite artists. Speaking of good entertainment, long hours spent on addictive board games is what I really love. I am also a fan of Italian cuisine, yet I appreciate it as a consumer, not a cook :)

  • Eunika - SCRUM Master
    Eunika - SCRUM Master

    I like helping people, learning new things and putting Agile methods into practice - that's why I started to work as a Scrum Master. The most important thing for me are the people in the teams I'm working with, as well as the feeling that I'm the right person in the right place. In my free time I read books, play board games, look for linguistic riddles, bake cakes (although I don't like cooking), ride my bike and hike in the mountains.

  • Marta - Front-end Developer
    Marta - Front-end Developer

    Besides my professional interest, which is developing websites, I enjoy hiking with my dog and taking photos. My main area of interest is landscape photography, which I really love. I am an open person, looking forward to meeting new people everyday.

  • Arkadiusz - Junior Software Developer
    Arkadiusz - Junior Software Developer

    I am interested in reading books and watching series like Sherlock Holmes or Sons of Anarchy. I have trained in martial arts for 4 years and now, in order to stay in shape, I'm training at a gym in my free time. I love music, especially when it comes to rock, or metal.

  • Kacper - Senior Software Developer
    Kacper - Senior Software Developer

    I like playing games and applying new technology to ‘real life’. I am more into practical usage of knowledge than theoretical considerations. When I find some free time I enjoy watching films, training at the gym and spending time with my friends.

  • Marcin - Software Developer
    Marcin - Software Developer

    There are two things which I can think of when it comes to my free time and the best ways to enjoy it. I really like to play with my son and share a passion for RC models of planes and vehicles with him. My second choice is sport; I eagerly invite my colleagues for a little game of squash after work.

  • Przemysław - Helpdesk
    Przemysław - Helpdesk

    I like music and cinema - I don’t have a favorite genre but my favorite actor is Tom Hardy. In my free time I torture my drone, and empty a bowl of popcorn during a Netflix session. My superpower is openness and honesty in relations with new people.

  • Ireneusz - Deliverability Engineer
    Ireneusz - Deliverability Engineer

    I have a master’s degree in Mathematics, and I can firmly say that numbers are my thing. In my spare time I enjoy various games, both board and PC types, or choose to relax by reading comics or fantasy/sci-fi books.

  • Maciej - Senior Software Developer
    Maciej - Senior Software Developer

    I am an engineer at heart – building, creating and conceptualizing solutions which can make life easier is what I find appealing. Working in a well-tuned team is very satisfying; it is easier to achieve goals and complete tasks once people cooperate together. After work I always choose to relax actively! Speaking of leisure time, I love traveling and would always recommend going to the mountains to everybody.

  • Martin - Deliverability Analyst
    Martin - Deliverability Analyst

    I would describe myself as a rather naive and therefore positive thinking guy. Rumor has it I should be inventing the philosophers stone any day now. When I am not busy at night defending the city against crime and cruelty, I tend to compose poor schlaf-rock or cinematic music. I like programming, staring at stars, people who know stuff, and European ‘Asian food’.

  • Jakub - Software Developer
    Jakub - Software Developer

    When I have some free time, I usually spend it tinkering with my RC Cars. However, when the weather gets windy I often go windsurfing. My other hobby covers fast cars and go-kart races, which I take part in to have some fun.

  • Maciej - Senior Front-end Developer
    Maciej - Senior Front-end Developer

    Besides passion for my work as a front-end developer, I am totally crazy about sports, especially football. Music and traveling help me escape from everyday life. I am energetic, always looking for new ventures, I love trips and look for new thrills somewhere away from my home.

  • Rafał - IT Team Manager
    Rafał - IT Team Manager

    My profile is full of twists: In spite of my education in humanities, I work in the IT Department. In spite of my love and dedication for the Tech environment, I go on about music and literature. In spite of having trust in humanity, I consider my dog Barry Lyndon my very best friend.

  • Łukasz - Senior Front-end Developer
    Łukasz - Senior Front-end Developer

    I have a very unique hobby; I spend most of my earnings buying rare books online. Besides that, I have a mini-zoo at home, which includes my dog, a cat and a degu, and that is tough on me as I am allergic to fur :).

  • Jacek - iOS Developer
    Jacek - iOS Developer

    I have several years of experience working as a Mobile Developer. I’m passionate about developing and creating new applications. In my off hours, I enjoy playing basketball and PS4 and spending time with my daughter.

  • Grzegorz - Senior Software Developer
    Grzegorz - Senior Software Developer

  • Piotr - System Administrator
    Piotr - System Administrator

    I have many years of experience working in IT. I'm interested in computer science, especially everything related to *nix operating systems. I'm also an avid motorcyclist (unfortunately, without a bike at the moment) and a sport shooter.

  • Rafał - Front-end Developer
    Rafał - Front-end Developer

    I graduated from the Polish Japanese Institute of Information Technology, but I would say that my Japanese is not as good as it may seem. My hobbies are: watching weak movies, reading lame books and doing everything connected with my job. During summertime I spend time with friends covering thousands of miles on my bicycle and sailing thousands of nautical miles.

  • Jan - Software Developer
    Jan - Software Developer

    Professionally, I am a programmer, but a photographer by passion. In my spare time I grab a camera and take photos to record the present. On the other hand, I am a fan of active resting and volleyball, good music and friendly contact with others. I am always willing to offer my help, especially when it is about computers!

  • Maciej - IT Security Engineer
    Maciej - IT Security Engineer

    I would describe myself as a strong character, open person and persistent doer, never giving up the goals which I set for myself. I am interested mainly in the issues related to my professional life. However, I also like cycling, snowboarding, and watching good thrillers and action movies. Oh, and I am definitely into gadgets.

  • Tomasz - System Administrator Manager
    Tomasz - System Administrator Manager

  • Piotr - Software Developer
    Piotr - Software Developer

    I completed telecommunications and theology studies. I like spending my free time with my family and playing with my daughter. My way to have some relaxation is to just listen to music and chill a little bit or watch interesting movies. I am active mostly during spring and summer seasons, and enjoy cycling and hiking then.

  • Tomasz - Software Architect
    Tomasz - Software Architect

    I am interested in sports and cars: football and any kind of motorsports in particular. I like to play and get tired in the field, but if am not there, you can probably find me visiting motorsports circuits (Nurburgring Nordschleife is my favorite).

  • Magdalena - SCRUM Master
    Magdalena - SCRUM Master

    I am a professional Project Manager and a Scrum Master. I am an open-minded person who always looks for new solutions and possibilities. This results in the large dose of smiles and empathy that I bring to the work environment. In my free time I can be found by the beach searching for amber (my hobby). I am also into nordic walking, reading Pratchet's books and planting vegetables, herbs, etc. Whenever there's a possibility, I become a Globetrotter; I fell in love with Romania some time ago and that feeling has not worn off.

  • Michał - Telecommunication Specialist
    Michał - Telecommunication Specialist

    I have been dealing with telecommunications, which are my area of expertise, for many years. This includes five years of studies and years of work experience. During my free time I enjoy bike trips and jogging. I do some spinning classes to stay in shape, even out of season. I am a huge fan of crime TV series such as Dexter, The Bridge and Breaking Bad.

  • Maciej - Software Developer
    Maciej - Software Developer

    I have been working with web technologies for years. In my free time I like to explore new programming languages and technologies, spend time with friends and sometimes play games. What is more, I'm also interested in aviation and hope to get a pilot's license in the future.

  • Bartosz - Senior iOS Developer
    Bartosz - Senior iOS Developer

    I work at GetResponse on iPhone applications (now you know who's to blame). Before that I held various positions ranging from materials management and order processing to customer service and operational assurance. My story is that I couldn't find any good deals for space suits on ebay, so I bought a couple of books about programming instead. I love playing the drums, which unfortunately I don’t have as much time for as I would like.

  • Artur - Senior Software Developer
    Artur - Senior Software Developer

    I have been a passionate programmer for many years now. In the distant past I earned a degree in Computer Engineering. Moreover, I challenged myself by undertaking postgraduate studies in Online Project Management, and performing the roles of frontend/backend active coach and Internet applications trainer. I am married (still ;) ) and I have two wonderful daughters. I love fantasy in all of the genre’s forms: books, movies and games. My favorite music is classic rock, and my greatest resolution is to stay in shape, be fit and never go back to a 3-digit number weight ;).

  • Anna - Deliverability Director
    Anna - Deliverability Director

    I lived in Atlanta all my life, and worked in email delivery for about five years, watching a start-up grow. I have moved to Poland, bringing here with me 6 bags and a very frustrated cat. In my personal time, I like to sew, pickle, and take care of tiny plants. I listen to trap music and Dolly Parton, make bad puns, and prefer expensive food. I'm also the worst baker in the world, according to my mother and chemistry professors.

  • Bartłomiej - Ruby Developer
    Bartłomiej - Ruby Developer

    I graduated from the Polish Japanese Institute of Information Technology. In my free time I enjoy riding my motorcycle, watching good movies and listening to Rock music from the 80s (my favorite band being Queen). I am always interested in having new experiences and developing my skills.

  • Maciej - SCRUM Master
    Maciej - SCRUM Master

    I have wide experience in leading IT projects in a web environment, and my latest role includes a Scrum Master position. During my career, I have also worked as a software architect, developer and a music journalist. My main interests are: music, sport (as a fan) and traveling around Poland. Furthermore, I spend quite a lot of time reading books and watching movies.

  • Łukasz - Software Developer
    Łukasz - Software Developer

    I graduated from the Technical University, where I studied Applied Math.Apart from programming, I have two main interests. First of all, I love angling, which is an ideal way to truly relax. My second interest covers football, played both virtually and in reality.

  • Marcin - IT Team Manager
    Marcin - IT Team Manager

    I have always been keen on Web Technologies and I’m more than happy that I can follow my passion at GetResponse. I am a passionate sports fan – after work you can find me supporting the Polish national team in front of a TV, or outside, where I run, cycle or ski in winter.

  • Wojciech - IT Director
    Wojciech - IT Director

    I believe in teamwork, IT and business partnership, and effective processes management as a way to build a successful company. Privately, I am a big fan of photography, sci-fi books and trips (especially those to the mountains).

  • Michał - Junior Front-end Developer
    Michał - Junior Front-end Developer

    I am constantly hungry for knowledge and eager to acquire new skills. I dream of finishing the Iron Man race one day, although having very little spare time I struggle to do any activity at all ;).

  • Zbigniew - Software Developer
    Zbigniew - Software Developer

    So far my career has focused on a wide understanding of IT. I worked as a System Administrator, a Network Administrator and a Programmer. After work I like to put on my skates and improve my skills on the streets of Gdańsk. Additionally, I like good electronic music, dancing, and spontaneous meetings in the pub after work with co-workers.

  • Adam - Junior JavaScript Developer
    Adam - Junior JavaScript Developer

    I’m a very inquisitive person who simply doesn’t stop thinking about graphic design. It’s become a part of my daily routine. I enjoy various challenges in my life. My favorite objective is to transform my knowledge and vision into visible effects. When I’m not working, I spend my free time relaxing with my friends and family. I also like playing video games, listening to music and watching TV.

  • Adam - System Administrator
    Adam - System Administrator

    I like keeping the servers alive and watching a green indicator which tells me that everything’s working as I expect ;) In my free time I try all kinds of sports and hobbies, so I’m a motorcyclist but also an angler.

  • Bartosz - Junior Software Developer
    Bartosz - Junior Software Developer

    I'm an energetic person who loves programming and technology, but also a great part of my life is football. I'm not a player but a staunch fan of this kind of sport. Besides this I like listening to music and playing the bass guitar.

& Marketing

Business & Marketing

Awesome products speak for themselves, and we’re here to make them heard even louder and by the right people.

We show the world that email marketing and online communication can bring rave results with absolute ease. And to do so, we bring together an awesome bunch of skills, talents, and tools that are specialties for each of us.

'Creativity' is the keyword here (yes, we do specialize in keywords as well!). We create and plan ahead, juggle words, pictures, and links, talk to our customers and listen to what they need.

We are marketers, product managers, writers, social media geeks, design wizards, SEO magicians, and challenge seeking salespeople. We're learning all the time. In fact, learning is one of our everyday responsibilities. With the marketing world changing so fast, you can never say you’re done learning.

Our eyes and ears are always open because our job is to stay one step ahead. We do that thanks to various training opportunities, international business conferences, tradeshows that we eagerly take part in, and the best customers in the e-commerce market.

Since there’s so much to do every day, we always appreciate a good cup of coffee, preferably with a piece of delicious cake.

Hey, why don’t we meet over coffee one of these days?


  • Wojciech - Product Content Strategist
    Wojciech - Product Content Strategist

    I am an optimist who sees half-empty glasses. These are usually glasses of strong, black coffee on which I am dependent. In my free time, I’m either headbanging to death metal or trying to learn heavy guitar riffs. You can also see me reading crime novels or history books. When I’m relaxing out of the home, you'll bump into me at a concert, or various design events and workshops.

  • Hanna - Head of Product Marketing
    Hanna - Head of Product Marketing

    Privately, I am a mother, a wife, and a movie addict. Professionally, I have developed many skills and tried out various roles including: a bar tender, a teacher, a translator, a storekeeper, an assistant, a manager, a copywriter and a marketing specialist.

  • Justyna - Email Marketing and Communications Manager
    Justyna - Email Marketing and Communications Manager

    My career path included working for an international manufacturing company, where I applied inbound marketing and targeted e-mail campaigns to enhance and nurture relations, grow sales and more importantly - a database of happy customers. As a fan of all sorts of sports, I enjoy cycling and running in my spare time. A good book, preferably something from classic literature, is also welcome. But one of my biggest hobbies is my family.

  • Marcin - Product Manager GetResponse Mobile
    Marcin - Product Manager GetResponse Mobile

    I have been actively engaged in the field of mobile applications for some years now. I am particularly interested in the functional and aesthetic aspects of mobile solutions. After spending more than two years in central Poland, I returned by the sea, where I previously studied. In my free time, apart from being passionate about modern technology, I do sports (running, volleyball, basketball) or participate in sports events as a fan on my couch :). In the evenings I like meeting my friends or reading an interesting book.

  • Taylor - Affiliate Manager
    Taylor - Affiliate Manager

    I have a thorough experience in marketing and business development and enjoy working on impactful projects for our customers and affiliates. In my off hours you can find me kicking a ball around out on the pitch, playing instruments (guitar, bass, and piano), or home brewing craft beer. I never give up the opportunity to try something new!

  • Zak - Director of Partner Programs
    Zak - Director of Partner Programs

    I have over 10 years’ experience working in the SaaS industry in the functions of sales, training, education and management. I enjoy all kinds of things in my spare time including, hiking, biking, golf, spending time with my 3 kids, and hanging out with my Flemish giant rabbit named Stella. A little known fact about me is that I’m a former tennis champion.

  • Michał - PPC Manager
    Michał - PPC Manager

    My professional focus is to optimize the results of campaigns in AdWords, Bing, Facebook and many others. I like the wilderness, survival, strategy games, LEGO, and what is more, I love to eat! I am a proud father of two kids, and a happy husband. Two things I believe in are simplicity and the fact that giving is better than receiving.

  • Oleg - GetResponse RU Managing Director
    Oleg - GetResponse RU Managing Director

    My professional career prior to GetResponse was always related with Internet companies since the times when we used Netscape, Altavista and newsgroups. Having started as a web developer and spent a couple of years till 2005 creating web sites and web applications, I turned to business development and entrepreneurship. Besides the job, my passion is travel. Together with my wife, we explore the best surfing waves around the globe and the best mountains for skiing and hiking.

  • Daniel - VP of Marketing and Product Development
    Daniel - VP of Marketing and Product Development

  • Michał - Head of Business Development, EMEA
    Michał - Head of Business Development, EMEA

    Prior to my current role at GetResponse I got my professional experience in media sales in London. Privately I am an avid Arsenal supporter and fan of vintage British sitcoms.

  • Katarzyna - Education Expert
    Katarzyna - Education Expert

    I’m an educator specializing in media and communication. I have many years of experience from teaching at various educational institutions in Poland and the United States. I help people learn more about media, get excited about how communication works, and overcome their fear of public speaking. I’m an outdoorsy person and I love hiking and kayaking.

  • Natalia - Marketing Manager
    Natalia - Marketing Manager

    Before coming to Poland I lived in Germany, where I worked in marketing for an IT company. Although I am passionate about traveling, I believe that there is no better place than here in Northern Poland. I am fond of riding a motorcycle, a healthy lifestyle and sports. As a graduate of American Studies, I am also interested in American and feminist literature.

  • Bartosz - Art Director
    Bartosz - Art Director

  • Yuchao - Sales Intern
    Yuchao - Sales Intern

    I originally come from China, but I have been studying in Poland for some time and I have decided to stay and enjoy the country. When I have some free time, I enjoy web surfing and playing dotA. I could spend my whole day in front of a computer. My other interest is pool – the perfect afternoon for me is one spent in a pub with my friends playing pool for hours.

  • Maciej - Web Designer
    Maciej - Web Designer

    I have long-term experience as a web designer, as I have worked in this field for many years for recognized companies on the market. When not working, I enjoy spending my free time with my wife and newborn son. My hobbies cover watching the Polish top league and playing video games.

  • Simon - CEO
    Simon - CEO

  • Rachel - Business Development Executive
    Rachel - Business Development Executive

    By day I am fixated with technology, and I love learning about marketing technologies and knowing exactly what will generate the very best ROI for my clients. In my spare time I adore traveling and though I have lived in many cities, I will always call Melbourne, Australia, my one true love (this could explain my obsession with good coffee and great food!). I could also talk the ear off a donkey about films: my favorite film makers include Christopher Nolan and David Fincher. You can also link with me on Twitter https://twitter.com/Rachel_Gray16.

  • Adam - Business Development Executive
    Adam - Business Development Executive

    I hold a degree in Marketing and Human Resource Management. I spent most of my life in Australia, and lived in the UK for a little while before moving to Poland. I have several years’ experience in sales, including face-to-face and phone contact. This covers training and mentoring team members. I have also worked in a hospital, AML/financial risk, and I tutor and teach English. In my spare time I enjoy photography, playing the guitar, and poker.

  • Paweł - Internet Applications Tester
    Paweł - Internet Applications Tester

  • Kamil - Head of SEO
    Kamil - Head of SEO

    I’ve been playing the marketing game for many years. I’ve held various positions such as SEO, SEO Manager, Copywriter, Search Engine Evaluator or Analytics Manager. There are some well-known teams I’ve played for, including X-KOM, Groupon, British Council, Castorama, and far smaller brands both on the customer and agency side. Also I was the only Pole to publish an article in the SEO Handbook. There’s a sporting spirit following this intro, and it’s not coincidental. Physical activity is a huge thing in my life. In my spare time I scoot on the water and snow; not that I do it in a professional manner, but my zeal is absolutely pro.

  • Peter - Senior Product Manager
    Peter - Senior Product Manager

    Born in Poland, I moved to Germany with my parents when I was a teenager, traveled around the world, lived in Barcelona for some time to finally settle in Northern Poland. I love music, as long as it’s ‘hand-made’, and sports – anything from roller skating, jogging and tennis to bodyboarding. I enjoy staying in and reading books, as well as going out, especially to rock concerts.

  • Kshitij - Business Development Executive
    Kshitij - Business Development Executive

    Professionally, I've been an entrepreneur in the F&B and Internet space and more recently, I’ve been managing business development for firms in the IT Services and Ad-Tech industries.

  • Abigail - Product Marketing Manager
    Abigail - Product Marketing Manager

    I am a self-proclaimed introvert, but I’m proving myself wrong every day through utter enjoyment in what I get to do professionally — actively and openly communicate with people. My studies in journalism and business are proving to be a helpful combination in this feat. Off the clock, I prefer to indulge my inner hermit and focus on good food, good movies, and funny YouTube animal videos.

  • Sezgin - Product Marketing Specialist
    Sezgin - Product Marketing Specialist

    When I don't work, I like to read (from business to fiction), create (experimental, electronic music), cook (from South American to authentic Turkish cuisine) and experience (travel, dance, play several instruments). Also, I am a big fan of history.

  • Pavel - Account Management Manager
    Pavel - Account Management Manager

    I’ve a masters degree in Math&Computer Science and in Financial Management. I didn’t stop there and I consider constant learning as my life credo. I’m a certified PMP and AWS solutions architect, and have multiple recognitions within web-related areas. I like reading books in the field of management, sales, marketing, HR, finance, and self development. I have thorough professional experience in web projects and marketing. In my free time I’m learning how to build fault-tolerant, highly scalable, secure web software solutions both in the cloud and on premises. I’m a family man and a proud father. I am a big sports fan, and even persuaded my teammates to install a rack for pull-ups in the office!

  • Małgorzata - Senior Business Development Executive
    Małgorzata - Senior Business Development Executive

    I am a Sales Management graduate and guess what? I work in sales:)! I have also gained quite solid professional experience across international markets. I studied in the UK, which I really loved, but now I enjoy my life in Poland where I can share all beautiful moments with my great family (2 lovely cheeky monkeys and my hubby) and friends. My passion is traveling and I always have some great destinations in mind for the next trip away. The ideal scenario for my leisure time is a sunset on a white sandy beach in great company.

  • Ireneusz - Content Marketing Expert
    Ireneusz - Content Marketing Expert

    I am a Content Marketing Expert. I am passionate about creating valuable and engaging content that allows people to grow their business.

  • Michał - Web Designer
    Michał - Web Designer

    Design takes up 90% of my time, but I’m interested also in tattoos, art, good food (eating, not cooking), electronic music and night life.

  • Alexander - Marketing Intern
    Alexander - Marketing Intern

    I gained my professional experience working for a Nordic governmental organization. I believe teamwork and sharing ideas are the keys to success. In my free time I like to listen to music, attend art exhibitions and performances, or watch birds :). I believe that art and design can make the world a better place.

  • Maciej - Product Manager
    Maciej - Product Manager

    I believe it is crucial to keep your horizons broad and open to new interests and ventures. This is why I am a humanist working on mobile applications, playing the guitar (finger style) as a hobby, and cooking with passion for my friends. I can’t imagine my life without an abstract sense of humor and maintaining a healthy distance from reality. Owing to this I have a strong interest in Czech literature and culture, which I try to experience for myself by exploring the language.

  • Michał - Business Development Executive
    Michał - Business Development Executive

    I moved from my home town to the capital city and I have to admit that this works for me just fine. I love traveling, and you can be sure that I am the best at searching for attractive offers and tickets. Besides that, I spend my time reading…a good book is a remedy for everything! I’ve worked for PayPal, Microsoft and Rocket Internet, so I know my trade :).

  • Karolina - Chief Wordsmith
    Karolina - Chief Wordsmith

    By education I'm an English philologist and a translator and I love all things related to language, writing and communicating. I'm really lucky to be able to do what I love at work! In my free time, I like reading American and British novels, binge-watching TV shows and taking photos, whether it's with an analogue camera or Instagram. And writing, of course (these days it's mostly in social media, though). I'm also hopelessly addicted to my iPhone. Oh wait, I used to do these things before I became a mom. Now I'm mostly just left with my iPhone addiction. My motto? Home is where the Wi-Fi is!

  • Miranda - Web Designer
    Miranda - Web Designer

    Most of my free time I spend with my family and playing board games. I try to spend at least a few minutes each day doing some gardening and calligraphy practice (still a lot of work ahead of me).

  • Marta - Junior Employer Branding Specialist
    Marta - Junior Employer Branding Specialist

    I completed a Tourism and Events Management Course at the University of Westminster in London. My professional background is strongly connected with organizing different kinds of events - conferences, team building activities, city games and promotional events. In my free time I enjoy running, scuba diving, cycling and reading books.

  • Michał - Content Marketing Manager
    Michał - Content Marketing Manager

    After high school I moved to the UK and Italy to pursue my higher education there. After 5 years of being away from home I decided it was time to come back and start my adult life and career here. Outside the office, I enjoy spending my free time playing sports, watching TV shows or simply hanging out with my family and friends.

  • Marek - Account Management Manager
    Marek - Account Management Manager

    Having graduated with three different degrees, I found my haven in e-business. If I'm not in the office, you can probably find me working on my jumpshot on the basketball court, hitting the gym or playing video games. I also enjoy learning foreign languages with a recent focus on English, German and Python (if that counts). I'm down-to-earth, easy-going and always try to look on the bright side of life.

  • Marta - Localization and Linguistic QA Specialist
    Marta - Localization and Linguistic QA Specialist

    My interests cover linguistics, sci-fi and fantasy literature, nutrition and weight lifting, as well as motorcycles. I am also fascinated with AI and conversational models, astronomy, and quantum physics, however, mainly using layman's terms. My favorite genre of music is metal – I love attending live shows!

  • Przemysław - Senior Account Manager
    Przemysław - Senior Account Manager

    I graduated from International Management and English Studies. In my free time I play the saxophone, whenever possible. Apart from that hobby, I enjoy watching good movies or practising sports. I am an enthusiast of long-distance running and team sports. What I value the most is keeping an active social life.

  • Joanna - Sales Development Representative
    Joanna - Sales Development Representative

    Outside the office I’m interested in almost anything, but soccer. I like learning new things and meeting new people. I enjoy watching comedy series. In my free time apart from learning Russian, I’m an Occupational Health and Safety Specialist.

  • Sergey - New Business Manager
    Sergey - New Business Manager

    I like my life in the whole sense of this word :). My son is a very important figure for me and he is the person I want to share all my skills with every day. In my free time, I enjoy watching expressive movies at IMAX – it gives me fresh energy, or I read some business books to have something to turn over in my mind. Where sport is concerned, swimming is my focus; however, I spend a lot of time at the gym with my personal coach, as well.

  • Maciej - Application & Partner Integration Product Manager
    Maciej - Application & Partner Integration Product Manager

    I am a follower of Agile development methods. I believe in the idea of welcoming changing requirements, even in the late development stage, and adapting to the new circumstances. Among my other interests I can name playing video games and riding my bike.

  • Katarzyna - Senior Sales Development Representative
    Katarzyna - Senior Sales Development Representative

    Optimization is my mantra: I support clients, helping them to make the most of their email marketing and develop their business. My experience allows me to pro-actively contact consumers, enhance their experience and increase their satisfaction. I can handle complex issues and I can always find the best solution for each individual client!

  • Agata - Business Development Executive
    Agata - Business Development Executive

    I really do appreciate my role, as working in this industry, especially with international clients, is something which I find absolutely riveting. Personally, I am passionate about traveling, backpacking and mountain trekking. My biggest adventure was traveling around India and my last trip was to the Himalayas. I enjoy good music, literature and foreign cuisine. I am also an animal lover with a flair for drawing.

  • Bartosz - Marketing Analyst
    Bartosz - Marketing Analyst

    I graduated from Marketing and Applications & Internet Services. On a daily basis I professionally manage marketing analyses. Apart from my work, I have a strong interest in sports. I trained Kickboxing for some years and nowadays I enjoy playing basketball. When not on the field, I relax watching movies, playing video games and reading fantasy books.

  • Natasza - Account Manager
    Natasza - Account Manager

    I have several years of business experience working for international companies in the finance sector and in events project management. I love sport (tennis, biking, snowboarding) and I’m also interested in art & graphic design.

  • Maciej - Director of GetResponse Enterprise
    Maciej - Director of GetResponse Enterprise

    I am an ex-English teacher who converted into an email marketing fanatic. I would describe myself as a running-fiend with a thing for traveling around the world and encountering new cultures. On the private side, I am a fan of aviation and Italian cuisine. I always look up to Steve Jobs and Elon Musk.

  • Katarzyna - Product Marketing Manager
    Katarzyna - Product Marketing Manager

  • Natalia - Head of Marketing GetResponse Polska
    Natalia - Head of Marketing GetResponse Polska

    My professional role includes being responsible for planning, conducting and analyzing promotional and image marketing actions. Privately, I am a fan of Woody Allen movies, Italian cuisine and sports such as crossfit, skiing, squash and running.

  • Agata - Senior Business Development Executive
    Agata - Senior Business Development Executive

    I work in the Enterprise Sales Department at GetResponse, and I consult our clients on the effective implementation of their email marketing communication. I find every day challenging and I fulfill my duties with great dedication and enthusiasm.

  • Beata - Business Development Executive
    Beata - Business Development Executive

    I am crazy and passionate about two things, which are scouting and Zumba. I even train scouts in emergency medicine and psychology. When I am not out dancing, I play board games with my loved ones.

  • Bartłomiej - Senior Product Manager
    Bartłomiej - Senior Product Manager

    I graduated from the University of Sydney, Australia, and a University in Poland. I devote my free time to training – I take part in Adventure Races and Mountain Bike Orienteering Competitions. I compete in the top teams in Poland, such as the Ridley Bike and Salomon Trail Teams.

  • Przemysław - Product Manager
    Przemysław - Product Manager

    I am an Internet junkie with years of experience in the field of product design, strategy, and e-marketing. As a true User-centered design and self-development techniques connoisseur, I am always eager to share my findings and experiences with others. I am a big fan of Asian cuisine, Radiohead, and craft beers. I am also a temporarily retired backpacker, mountain lover, and skiing enthusiast that bakes bread.

  • Anna - Sales Development Representative
    Anna - Sales Development Representative

    I am passionate about healthy eating and vegan cooking. I love foreign country getaways with a backpack and no map. I am a fan of British comedy and American comics, and I am always smiling – after my first coffee :). I enjoy working with people with a great sense of humor. In my free time I like to grow orchids and take my dog, a white furred Akita Inu, for long walks.

  • Michał - Inside Sales Manager
    Michał - Inside Sales Manager

    I completed my master’s degree at the University of Gdansk, but that was a long time ago. I’ve been working as a Sales Specialist, Team Leader and Manager for more than 10 years, representing companies within the insurance and online education industries.

  • Mateusz - UX Designer
    Mateusz - UX Designer

    I have a few years of experience in designing mainly web applications for the financial sector (but not only). Previously, I worked as a Business Analyst, so I had to fully understand my clients’ requirements, which very often concerned User Interface, User Experience and so on. After work I spend my time playing the guitar (classic and electric) or waiting for winter (snowboarding!).

  • Ewa - Brand Communications Manager
    Ewa - Brand Communications Manager

    I graduated journalism and social communication and I’m fascinated by the power of the Internet so it's not surprising that I’ve chosen a digital marketer’s path. Professionally, I'm interested in web communication, social media, user experience and conversion rate optimization. In my free time I relentlessly peruse DIY blogs in constant search of inspiration for my next project. I love movies directed by Quentin Tarantino, I'm allergic to chocolate, which is a total bummer, and I think winter is the best season of the year.

  • Patryk - Senior Account Manager
    Patryk - Senior Account Manager

    I am an easy-going, open-minded guy with a positive attitude and a good sense of humor. I enjoy being with people and I always work by the rule that there’s no I in a team. Sports are something I really love, especially NBA. Apart from that, I am interested in new technologies, music and movies – I am a huge fan of Tarantino.

  • Julia - Head of Marketing GetResponse Russia
    Julia - Head of Marketing GetResponse Russia

    I have several years’ experience working for Internet and telecommunications businesses as well as educational companies, helping to establish and manage communities of loyal customers, and to create and distribute educational content. I am a social media fan and have a great number of friends, followers and subscribers in Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Periscope, Pinterest and LinkedIn. I enjoy public speaking and, I use my off hours to deliver master classes on entrepreneurship and social media to teens and students. I also love running outdoors, yet in Moscow, where I live, this is a bit inconvenient in winter.

  • Piotr - Analyst
    Piotr - Analyst

    In my free time I like to stay active – lifting weights, running, hiking, biking, playing speedminton, etc. Besides that, I like to broaden my knowledge in the area of sports science, including researching training methods, nutrition, and supplementation ideas. Sometimes I just lay on my back and read a good book.

  • Patrycja - Account Manager
    Patrycja - Account Manager

    I am a bookworm who loves to live in an imaginary world from time to time. Back down to earth, I am a fan of a 'fit' lifestyle and love keeping myself active as well as gorging on healthy food. I have many interests and I am constantly searching for more exciting things to do, but foreign languages – both learning and teaching, and Indian culture have a special place in my heart. Besides this, my curiosity triggers a love of traveling. Australia is the farthest place I have ever reached so far, but I am sure that there are more breathtaking views waiting for me out there.

  • Artur - Marketing Manager
    Artur - Marketing Manager

    My hobby is to learn new languages with a focus on Italian, French, Spanish and German. Whenever I pick up a book, I try to read it in the original language version to improve my fluency, and the same applies to movies, which I always choose with subtitles. In terms of music, I like ethnic and exotic tunes and also certainly enjoy the mainstream stuff. In my free time I also volunteer in local charity campaigns, and practise yoga and fitness.

  • Nikolay - Senior Account Manager
    Nikolay - Senior Account Manager

    I joined the company in the summer of 2015 after working in the field of teaching foreign languages (and doing different web stuff simultaneously) for around 5 years. This has been rather a drastic and for sure a happy change. I have several favorite free time activities, including playing the guitar, Irish dancing and hiking. I find time spent with my wife on trips in the forests and mountains, in the middle of nowhere, very relaxing.

  • Piotr - Junior PPC Specialist
    Piotr - Junior PPC Specialist

    I have some experience working for digital agencies and marketing departments. Currently I live in Sopot, but also I’m in love with Toruń, where I come from. Off the clock, I enjoy traveling (especially to the East), spending time with friends and eating out – I find the idea of food-trucks quite appealing.

  • Piotr - Senior Account Manager
    Piotr - Senior Account Manager

    Apart from working at GetResponse, I am also a sailing instructor and an avid cyclist. On the weekends you are most likely to find me on the water or cycling around the countryside. I also enjoy board games and I attend as many gaming events as possible to try out the newest games. What is more, I am a volunteer judge for the Odyssey Of The Mind – a creative problem-solving competition.

  • Marta - Vice Director of Product Development
    Marta - Vice Director of Product Development

    My working experience is strongly linked with business analysis and user experience. Over the years I have been involved in many IT projects and I had the pleasure to improve software development processes within an organization. My challenge is to ensure GetResponse's products are of the best quality. In my leisure time, I like cycling, skating with my daughter, relaxing in nature and writing novels for children.

  • Marcin - Video Manager
    Marcin - Video Manager

    I am a so-called YouTube specialist at GetResponse, and my role covers being a ‘video guy’. If you need any info about the number of clients that have joined us through that channel, or you’re just looking for some funny compilations – I am all yours! Privately, I am a satisfied citizen of Gdańsk, an eager traveler, a happily married husband, and a proud owner of two feisty dogs!

  • Weronika - Employee Communications Expert
    Weronika - Employee Communications Expert

    I am an English Philology and Psychology graduate. I am a huge fan of music and I cannot imagine my life without Spotify and my headphones set. Apart from various gigs and music events, you can find me at the movies. I am open to various genres and directors, yet Wes Anderson and the Cohen brothers hold a special place in my heart.

  • Marika - Sales Development Representative
    Marika - Sales Development Representative

    Realistic, optimistic, sometimes totally insane but deep down inside I am a benevolent creature. As a little girl I dreamt of becoming a scientist, but I discovered my energy is capable of demolishing laboratories, so I didn’t follow a crazy researcher’s career. I am passionate about snooker, music and good reading. I love comedies and basically anything that makes me laugh. My free time is dedicated to my son and my friends. I hate boredom, therefore I need to be challenged on a daily basis.

  • Aleksandra - Knowledge Management Officer
    Aleksandra - Knowledge Management Officer

    I am an optimistic person with an open mind and positive attitude toward people. I am resourceful and ready to share my knowledge in the field of maximizing people skills. For the last few years I have worked as a business development manager, coach and trainer, delivering know-how to many companies. In my free time I love relaxing by taking long walks along the seashore.

  • Amadeo - Account Manager
    Amadeo - Account Manager

    I completed an accounting and finance degree at the University of East London, but my professional career has spiraled into a different direction since then. I’ve mainly worked in marketing and sales positions; however, I’ve never been far away from customer care. Outside of work, I enjoy cycling and going on long hikes in the local forests, if the weather chooses to be nice. In my spare time I also love playing board and console games with my family and friends.

  • Kirill - Senior Account Manager
    Kirill - Senior Account Manager

    I graduated with a degree in engineering. My professional experience was always connected with the IT sector and now as a part of the Russian GetResponse Team I focus my career on internet technologies. Apart from the job, the most important things in my life are my family, of course, progressive rock & metal music and sports, mostly martial arts. So if you need someone to discuss the last Meshuggah album or Cain Velasquez’s fight, I'll be waiting for a chat with you!

  • Igor - Senior Account Manager
    Igor - Senior Account Manager

    I am passionate about public speaking, learning about the mysteries of the universe and self-development opportunities. After hours, you can find me cycling, watching TV shows, and spending time with my wife or friends. I’m also very keen on creating my own projects like unilight.me or my pizza blog (pizza.unilight.me). Moreover, I am very open to meeting new people so you can chat with me any time you like.

  • Andrzej - Product Manager
    Andrzej - Product Manager

    I have several years of experience as a Project / Product Manager. I had an opportunity to implement projects in various sectors, including financial, insurance, call center, and new media. After work, I like to spend time actively. I train mountain and road biking. I look forward to the upcoming new challenges and projects that we will be able to implement together.

  • Paweł - Senior Account Manager
    Paweł - Senior Account Manager

    I consider myself an ordinary bloke, not looking for hype, but looking for challenges. I believe it is crucial to be maximally objective when you are trying to solve any case, and I always do my best to live by that rule, but still I love being right. Not only at work, but also in my life, I try to be as helpful to others as I possibly can.

  • Evgeny - Account Manager
    Evgeny - Account Manager

    I have a strong technical background and rich experience in customer support. Besides work, I like to travel and spend time outdoors with my family. I enjoy sports activities like running – I even took part in the NY City marathon last year.

  • Katarzyna - Head of Employer Branding
    Katarzyna - Head of Employer Branding

  • Krista - Head of Social Media
    Krista - Head of Social Media

    I have a thorough experience in various forms of online marketing, including email and social media marketing, and I completed an MBA focused on Digital & Social Media in 2014. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my husband and two daughters at our home in Bear, Delaware, US. If I'm not helping my girls with schoolwork, you'll find me baking in the kitchen, or curled up on the sofa reading a book.

  • Paweł - Web Designer
    Paweł - Web Designer

    Professionally, it is a lot of fun for me to be a visual chemist who mixes various color atoms with shapes so that they create a composition perfect for perception. I cannot imagine life without music either. So every day I’m absorbed by countless rhythms, notes, and overtones of different genres, mostly heavy music. After hours I love to sit at the drums and develop myself by constantly finding new skills.

  • Hanna - Junior Marketing Specialist
    Hanna - Junior Marketing Specialist

    I love rock music, well-written reportage books and tasty food (not cooking, only eating). In my free time, you can find me hanging out at concerts or hitchhiking across Europe. When I'm home, you can bet your bottom dollar I'm playing board games with my friends.

  • Martyna - Localization Manager
    Martyna - Localization Manager

    I graduated from the Psychology and English departments. I am an avid book reader, a concert and festival goer and a board game geek. When I am not working on my Cylon agenda during Battlestar Galactica marathons I usually devote myself to practising yoga or spending some time with people and getting to know them better.

  • Marta - UX Designer
    Marta - UX Designer

    In my free time I love to play board games and read fantasy and science fiction literature. I also enjoy running and spending time with my family exploring the neighborhood on biking trips.

  • Olga - Account Manager
    Olga - Account Manager

    I have several years’ experience working for Nokia in the Customer Operations Department, providing excellent care support to customers. Outside of the office I’m fond of swimming, walking outdoors somewhere in a park and playing chess (really)! Just to relax, especially during nasty weather, I prefer to watch good movies and TV shows.

  • Anna - PR & Marketing Specialist
    Anna - PR & Marketing Specialist

    I graduated in American Studies and Journalism, with a specialization in PR and publicity. After work you can find me in small cafeterias playing board games with my friends. Among my main interests, I would list post-apocalyptic and fantasy stories (yep, I’ve read "Game of Thrones" at least 20 times), playing the violin and climbing. Reading is for me just as inspiring as writing or translating, so this is why I feel so great being a part of the content team.

  • Paweł - Senior Account Manager
    Paweł - Senior Account Manager

    My educational background concerns English philology and translations and I have found my professional place in the email marketing business. My role concerns working with multinational corporate clients and I am actively helping them to achieve the best possible results regarding their email marketing campaigns. Privately, I am a big fan of the Witcher and Matrix, and enjoy good crime stories and fantasy books.

  • Paweł - Vice Director of Marketing
    Paweł - Vice Director of Marketing

    I’ve always been into many different things. Wasting time doing nothing was never an option. In high school I was in a band, and I was a radio presenter who loved hitch-hiking around the country with a camera stuck to my hand. Totally in love with Mediterranean food, I know 'Friends' by heart, I’m addicted to cartoons and fascinated by American culture. My happy place - definitely Copenhagen. Focused on marketing communication, business development and project management.

  • Egor - Sales Development Representative
    Egor - Sales Development Representative

    I have several years of experience in sales, in the IT and financial sectors. Mostly, it was on the US market, but I also had experience on the Russian market. I spend my free time watching lectures and playing board games.

  • Dmitry - Business Development Executive
    Dmitry - Business Development Executive

    I made my first sale when I was seven years old and my first customer was my classmate. I sold him my lunch, which my mother had prepared for me for school. After that, my sales career started. I’ve sold in different B2B areas: recruitment, management consulting, BPM, HCM and also digital marketing SAAS platforms. My best helpers for great deals are books, coz books make your mind and tongue as sharp as hell, and of course, good music - that helps to gain inspiration for making great deals.

  • Anton - Account Manager
    Anton - Account Manager

    I’m good at communicating and being nice to people. During my childhood I got really interested in Japanese culture, which is why at university I studied Japanese language and now I know everything about the country’s pop-culture. My hobbies are music (I used to sing in Japanese in my own band), video games (competitive fighting games) and traveling.

  • Małgorzata - Employer Branding Intern
    Małgorzata - Employer Branding Intern

    There’s always somebody in the group with their head full of ideas, searching the Internet, or organizing something with their phone/computer glued to their hand - I’m that person. GetResponse is the beginning of my professional career. I gained most of my experience in a student organization and doing various academic activities. Apart from that, I’m a huge fan of tv-series, Indie rock and budget traveling.

  • Mariusz - PPC Specialist
    Mariusz - PPC Specialist

    Before I discovered a passion for SEM I was a big fan of SEO and UX. My driving force at work is the result of what I can achieve in a Google AdWords campaign. I like to analyze, segment and compare data from Google Analytics to use them later in a campaign. My sharp eye in campaigns is well-trained during practice at the shooting range. I try to spend my free time with my wonderful children.

  • Scott - Partner Channel Sales Manager
    Scott - Partner Channel Sales Manager

    Over 20yrs in High Tech, I have progressed from an IT/MIS background into Pre-Sales, evolving to 15 years of sales. In my free time I enjoy building/construction/electrical installation to cutting trees down to all outdoor activities and sports. In Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall, I love escaping up to our place in New Hampshire to enjoy snowmobiling, boating, swimming on the lake and relaxing with my wife and 3 daughters!

  • Łukasz - Business Development Executive
    Łukasz - Business Development Executive

    I’m passionate about building trusting long-term relationships between people and businesses offering revolutionary IT products.You could say I’m a people person. So, if I’m not advising our clients on how to take advantage of GetResponse, I’m probably learning about new technologies and talking with friends about the impact of these innovations on our society. However, from time to time, my energy level is just too high. Then you can find me at our local gym training martial arts and lifting weights.


customer success

We care about our customers and make sure all their questions are answered and problems solved quickly and seamlessly. We’re always here for them because we know their first impression of us is what they’ll think of GetResponse.

To make an impact like that is a great responsibility, but it’s also enormously satisfying! GetResponse customers are from all over the world, so we speak multiple languages.

They need guidance and assistance, so we educate them and help with whatever we can. And in doing that, we go far beyond answering support calls, proactively reaching out to our customers to answer any questions they might have.

Big companies or small, they have marketing challenges, so we help them achieve their goals. To put it in simple terms: we succeed at our jobs when our customers succeed with their businesses. Don’t worry if you’re just starting your career — we're a young, multinational team of eager learners!

You only need to speak fluent English, and we’ll teach you the rest during external and internal training sessions, there’s always plenty to learn! With a little help from the latest technologies and smart gadgets, you’ll quickly grasp all the intricacies of e-commerce and online marketing inside out.

If you’re ready to become the best customer service expert ever — join our team!


  • Kamil - Customer Success Advisor
    Kamil - Customer Success Advisor

  • Shannon - Senior Customer Service Representative
    Shannon - Senior Customer Service Representative

  • Magdalena - Customer Success Advisor
    Magdalena - Customer Success Advisor

    I am a Russian Philology graduate and an enthusiast of Russian culture. What I enjoy doing most during my leisure time is spending time outdoors – on long walks and stargazing. I am also a big fan of board games and always appreciate a good laugh.

  • Vita - Customer Success Advisor
    Vita - Customer Success Advisor

    I have several years’ experience working directly with people, solving their problems, and providing them with any kind of help and support. My motto is to love life for all the simple things. I feel inspired by traveling and meeting people. Sport is a great passion for me; you can often find me jogging, playing basketball, riding a bike or practising yoga. I adore dogs and my dog makes my life complete. I am eager to learn and open to new experiences.

  • Galyna - Customer Success Supervisor
    Galyna - Customer Success Supervisor

    I have two big hobbies, which are cycling and traveling. You will most definitely see me riding my bike through the streets, enjoying my leisure time. If not, I am probably exploring some more remote areas. Another thing about me is that I can talk about my cat for hours…so don't bring that up! :)

  • Tomasz - Junior Front-end Developer
    Tomasz - Junior Front-end Developer

    I am a graduate of English Studies, specializing in translation and interpreting. I really enjoy various types of running, including orienteering runs and marathons. My hobbies are hiking and climbing mountains, especially in the winter. Apart from that, I have an interest in programming in Python.

  • Kimberly - Customer Service Manager
    Kimberly - Customer Service Manager

    I studied computer programming but learned this wasn’t my passion. Having a passion to help people led me to customer service and I have been managing customer service teams ever since. When I’m not helping others, I enjoy cooking and baking – I can be creative and I let it show via baked goods.

  • Kristiana - Customer Success Supervisor
    Kristiana - Customer Success Supervisor

    I like sunsets and long walks on the beach…haha just kidding! As a bit of an awkward introvert, I have many hobbies that don’t require eye contact. I like to cook, play video games, and knit (especially socks). I love horror movies, even the really cheesy ones. I am rarely spotted without a cup of coffee.

  • Matthew - CS Representative
    Matthew - CS Representative

    I have been working in contact centers for years, including my experience in technical support for BlackBerry and for AT&T while working at Convergys. In my free time I like to watch TV shows and movies, or play video games on my PC and PS. Where music is concerned, I choose 90's songs, as it is my favorite decade. At home I hang out with my friends and family and my two cats, Meow Meow and Noobie, and a pet Ball Python named Bob.

  • Tiago - Customer Success Advisor
    Tiago - Customer Success Advisor

    Originally from Portugal, I love to travel, and lived 9 years in Ireland before moving to Poland in 2013. I'm a devoted cook (with some professional experience), and when not at work, I'm probably researching food, cooking techniques, or preparing dinner for family and friends. Other than this, I like to spend time riding my bicycle, listening to Progressive Rock and playing computer and board games.

  • Przemysław - Customer Success Advisor
    Przemysław - Customer Success Advisor

    I have more than 10 years of experience in teaching English, but as I moved from Łódź to Gdańsk, I decided to seek new challenges, lots of which I can surely find at GetResponse. In my free time I enjoy playing drums and guitar, making music, going to concerts, riding my bike, walking with my dog, watching the night skies, and maaany more things.

  • Aleksandra - Customer Service Director
    Aleksandra - Customer Service Director

  • Natalia - Customer Success Advisor
    Natalia - Customer Success Advisor

    I’m a bit all over the place, bubbly and chatty. I spent the last few years exploring the world and, most importantly, myself. In my free time, I dance contemporary until my body aches, practise yoga for peace of mind, climb mountains, wander forests, discover new cultures, cook with my friends, listen to good live music and read, read, read to broaden my horizons.

  • Dominika - Customer Success Advisor
    Dominika - Customer Success Advisor

    I’m full of enthusiasm and ready to learn new things. I prefer to be surrounded by people rather than stay at home alone. Thus, in my spare time I enjoy going out with friends. It doesn’t really matter where or why, as long as I’m in great company. Apart from that, I like reading books (various genres), doing some translations, and watching scientific or history documentaries.

  • Shelley - Quality Assurance Specialist
    Shelley - Quality Assurance Specialist

    I'm originally from London, but Poland feels like home for me. My hobbies include exploring new places, cooking and watching trash TV. My imaginary hobby is traveling around the world and I also like to add new things to my 'To do' list such as acquiring new skills, but this list keeps growing as my husband and dog get most of my everyday attention.

  • Kamil - Customer Education Expert
    Kamil - Customer Education Expert

    Besides my main role at GetResponse, I am also an English teacher. I have been fascinated with foreign languages since I care to remember. If I am not busy with devising new ways of teaching and learning, I like to dabble in psychology, manipulation and social engineering. I also relax by playing the piano or the electric guitar, improvising to backing tracks of bands such as Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin.

  • Martyna - Customer Success Advisor
    Martyna - Customer Success Advisor

    I am a talkative and outgoing person. At the moments, when I am not talking, I like to read books and watch a good movie. I also like all kinds of sports, from playing squash, through dancing to playing Frisbee. Through most of my career I have been working in sales field, focusing mostly on consultative advising clients form all around the globe.

  • Olga - Billing Specialist
    Olga - Billing Specialist

    My education covers American Studies and I am fond of learning languages non-stop! The perfect idea for me for spending holidays is mountain hiking and I love spending time in nature. I would generally describe myself as assiduous while working and fussy when doing the rest.

  • Marta - Senior Customer Success Advisor
    Marta - Senior Customer Success Advisor

    I am a very active person: I like riding horses, judo and swimming. What is more about me is that I have a special interest in the culture, history and social situation of the Aboriginal Peoples of North America. I enjoy reading books, especially Ibero-American prose.

  • Oliwia - Customer Success Advisor
    Oliwia - Customer Success Advisor

    In my off hours I enjoy playing tennis, traveling, reading books and watching films as well as TV series – especially American and British ones. I'm a supporter of a healthy lifestyle and a positive attitude.

  • Aldona - Customer Education Expert
    Aldona - Customer Education Expert

    I have been working in the field of customer service for years. Attending cultural studies gave me a wide perspective on life and the necessary courage to travel around the world. In my free time I love cycling. When not on the move, I can be found watching air shows or reading some business psychology articles.

  • Arno - User Support Technician
    Arno - User Support Technician

    I believe that the best way to spend your free time is to enjoy nature, hike, discover and explore landscapes. I can’t imagine better company than my family and dogs, who are always willing to relax with me in Nova Scotia.

  • Wojciech - Senior Customer Success Advisor
    Wojciech - Senior Customer Success Advisor

    I am a big fan of all sorts of weird music, a great enthusiast of vegetarian food and a skilled ping pong player. I spend most of my free time making music, as I have a retro-futuristic band called Ampacity (http://ampacity.bandcamp.com/ ).

  • Natalia - Anti-Fraud Manager
    Natalia - Anti-Fraud Manager

    I graduated with a degree in philosophy and very shortly after that I started working at GetResponse. Some of my interests cover literature, art, comic books and stop-motion films. I like black coffee, honesty and a dark sense of humor.

  • Jan - Customer Success Coach
    Jan - Customer Success Coach

    There are various roles to be listed in the context of my life. A pianist, PC games translator, football fan (Visca el Barca!) and salsa/kizomba enthusiast. Let all of these combine and here I am! Being an enormous Monty Python fan, I do enjoy a jolly good laugh every now and then. Be careful, though! I can go on and on about video games and films! ‘Always be yourself’ is my motto – I guess it has to be when you cannot be Batman…

  • Ryan - CS Representative
    Ryan - CS Representative

    I enjoy the outdoors and working with my hands as much as I like using my head to figure out problems. I am an avid reader, both of books and electronics/IT articles online. I often run out of articles to read on my favorite sites.

  • Jerry - CS Representative
    Jerry - CS Representative

  • Małgorzata - Customer Success Team Manager
    Małgorzata - Customer Success Team Manager

    I studied business psychology and human resources and I am interested in peoples’ behavior. In my free time I love walking my two Jack Russell dogs and teaching them various tricks. Apart from that I am fascinated with Irish culture, and Ireland is my first choice when it comes to deciding on a vacation destination, regardless of the weather conditions.

  • Katarzyna - Senior Customer Success Advisor
    Katarzyna - Senior Customer Success Advisor

    I have a degree in Business and Administration. I lived in the States for 8 years, where among other things, I worked as a Polish - English interpreter for the New York Department of Education. I was a professional tennis player, and started to play when I was 7 years old. My hobbies are sport (tennis, snowboarding), airplanes and flying – I worked as a cabin crew member for 2 years.

  • Marta - Senior Customer Success Technical Advisor
    Marta - Senior Customer Success Technical Advisor

    I did my MA in syntax, and postgraduate studies in Human Resources. There’s nothing in the world I like better than a good laugh! I am just hooked on endorphins. I love multitasking and I don’t have a single lazy bone in my body. I am crazy about learning something new every day, and dancing.

  • Alexander - CS Representative
    Alexander - CS Representative

    I’m a person who focuses on having a lot of fun in my life. I enjoy talking with people and I am really good at problem solving. When I’m not working I relax playing soccer, watching movies and riding my bike. Though I do not enjoy flying, I’m always up for traveling around the world to experience new cultures and all of the food I can get my hands on.

  • Karolina - Customer Success Coach
    Karolina - Customer Success Coach

    I am originally from Poland, living my dream in Canada. I am a food enthusiast: my favorite meal of the day is second breakfast, followed closely by third lunch, and I am passionate about cheese. It’s just so gouda… I like to relax by watching movies and my favorite one is The Godfather.

  • Oxana - Customer Success Advisor
    Oxana - Customer Success Advisor

    I am a very active person; whenever I have some leisure time I choose to practise sports. I enjoy working out, playing volleyball, jogging, or doing fitness. Another thing about me is that I am really into music; I love singing and playing the piano.

  • Ewa - Billing Specialist
    Ewa - Billing Specialist

    I finished translation studies at the English Philology Department. Apart from translating and teaching English, I am crazy about cinema, music and traveling. One of my biggest dreams is to hitchhike across the whole United States; however, so far I have hitchhiked only in Europe. What's more, I like zucchini :).

  • Jeff - CS Representative
    Jeff - CS Representative

    I consider myself a friend to all dogs. Big, small, it doesn’t matter: I look at them and see a friend. What do I do to relax? I spend all my free time watching movies with my wife, or playing unhealthy amounts of video games.

  • Mateusz - Customer Education Team Manager
    Mateusz - Customer Education Team Manager

    When I have some free time, you can find me practising some active relaxation! I am very keen on sport and I have my own pick, which is specifically basketball. My other passion is jazz vocals. So whenever you feel like doing one of these, count me in!

  • Jakub - Customer Education Expert
    Jakub - Customer Education Expert

    I am the kind of person that really enjoys helping others and bringing a smile to people’s faces. That is why I devote my private time to various charity projects. I believe that this is the perfect way to understand what really matters in life.

  • Bogdan - Customer Success Advisor
    Bogdan - Customer Success Advisor

    I like to learn foreign languages with a focus on French and English. I love sports – riding my bike, playing soccer and basketball is what I enjoy the most. When it comes to music, there are several artists to be mentioned among my favorites, such as Rammstein, Manowar, Muse, Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath.

  • Weronika - Quality Assurance Team Lead
    Weronika - Quality Assurance Team Lead

    I am a linguist and translator by profession, and soup lover by choice. I am also a ballet and jazz dancer, traveler and popcorn freak. In my free time I love organising chaos and spending hours with my precious PlayStation.

  • Anna - Customer Success Supervisor
    Anna - Customer Success Supervisor

    These are two things in the world that make me very happy: cheese and chocolate. Even though they do not go well together, they are my little temptations, which I do not want to battle.

  • Karolina - Senior Customer Success Advisor
    Karolina - Senior Customer Success Advisor

    I am an aspiring writer who ironically finds it incredibly difficult to write a few words about herself. I do enjoy writing about other things though, almost as much as I like reading the works of others. My biggest passion by far is dancing. Other things that I enjoy are perfumes, fashion and driving my car. There are some things that I dislike, but I am currently working on making them disappear from the surface of the Earth.

  • Przemysław - Junior Compliance Specialist
    Przemysław - Junior Compliance Specialist

    As far as education is concerned, I have a bachelor’s degree in cognitive neuroscience. When speaking of free time, I have to say I really enjoy listening to slow&heavy music (doom/drone/stoner metal mostly) and reading overly complicated science-fiction novels. Among my other interests, I would list evolutionary psychology and skiing.

  • Chris - Senior Customer Service Representative
    Chris - Senior Customer Service Representative

    When I have some free time I enjoy playing video games at home or, when the weather is nice, relaxing outdoors at the beach or by a lake. I am keen on various sports, my favorites being hockey, basketball and soccer. There is one unique thing about me – my friends call me crazy, but I don’t like peanut butter.

  • Yuliia - Customer Success Intern
    Yuliia - Customer Success Intern

    In my free time you can easily find me with my bicycle on my way to the main library to work on my final papers for the university. If the weather is merciful, then I’ll go to the beach to study in with the company of swans. It’s too beautiful in Gdansk to be cooped up in your apartment.

  • Ievgeniia - Customer Education Expert
    Ievgeniia - Customer Education Expert

    I am originally from Ukraine, and now I live in Poland. I like traveling and being in places I have never been before. In my free time I cycle, watch movies, go out for long walks, write poems and eat chocolate :). Smiling and laughing are two essential things I care about.

  • Paweł - Customer Success Advisor
    Paweł - Customer Success Advisor

    I graduated in international relations and worked at places where I had a lot of opportunities to encounter people from all around the globe. That turned me into a very analytical, open-minded person who rarely says "no" to anything unknown. I also love to laugh, so in-between listening to long political podcasts and riding a bicycle, I watch a ton of comedy series and movies which are so bad that they actually turn into something amazing. Other than that, I love video games, space ships and dragons. Preferably Space Dragons.

  • Monika - Customer Success Advisor
    Monika - Customer Success Advisor

    Originally from Olsztyn, I've lived in Gdynia for almost 7 years now, working on my degrees in English and American studies. Currently, I'm struggling with a PHD in the same field. My special interest is in storytelling of all kinds, including literature, comics, movies, TV shows, animation, theater and other forms of high or popular culture, with an emphasis on adaptations, remixes and other forms of transformative works, and in my free time I usually consume as much of it as I can and then overanalyze it till my tongue turns blue. I'm also a storyteller myself; I've been writing stories in both Polish and English ever since I knew how to write. Apart from that I have a lot of experience teaching English, and I love traveling, music, foreign languages and appreciating the great outdoors. You can usually lure me in with a promise of a cup of tea or an animal to pet - cats, dogs, snakes, I don't care, I love them all.

  • Joanna - Customer Success Advisor
    Joanna - Customer Success Advisor

    I'm positive, energetic and a bit clumsy. I studied Theater at the University of York and I'm currently finishing up an open degree (mostly focused on clinical psychology and marketing). In my free time I like to watch TV shows (mainly comedy, drama or animated ones) or cook - my cuisines of choice are Filipino, Vietnamese and Mexican.

  • Artiom - Customer Success Intern
    Artiom - Customer Success Intern

    I like Martin Scorsese movies for tough guys, TV shows that have no point, and riding my bicycle even if it’s faster to get to my destination on foot. If I had one more life – I’d spend it playing World of Warcraft and learning programming languages.

back office

Back office

We work hard to make sure GetResponse runs like a Swiss watch – smoothly and efficiently.

We have what it takes. We’re industrious, sharp, detail-oriented, open, and full of positive energy.

Our team can count on us, no matter what happens — as we're always ready to lend a helping hand, share knowledge, and whatever resources are needed.

We are accountants and finance specialists who never miss a digit. Fast-thinking lawyers who speak a language you can actually understand. Resourceful office assistants who can make things appear out of thin air ('challenge accepted' is our middle name!). Passionate HR specialists who make sure we have the best – and happiest – team ever.

We’re good at what we do, and we're constantly striving to be even better. There are lots of opportunities to do that, with access to internal and external training resources and language classes we can attend during work hours.

Come work with us and see how a company is run — one that makes people actually love coming to work every day.

You might just love it, too!


  • Anita - Office Manager
    Anita - Office Manager

    I am a very lively person and whatever I do I do it with great enthusiasm and dedication. Plans and arrangements are my area of expertise, but when I am not organizing stuff I bake like a boss, providing delicious cakes and cookies for my friends.

  • Aleksandra - Talent Acquisition Specialist
    Aleksandra - Talent Acquisition Specialist

    I have spent my life in constant motion, having engaged myself in various projects in diverse countries and cities, which has allowed me to gain valuable experience and build relations with people. I am passionate about food; however, I should mention that I am in fact more interested in eating than cooking. My top two free time activities are: playing badminton and going to watch musicals.

  • Marta - Talent Acquisition Manager
    Marta - Talent Acquisition Manager

    I love Indian and Thai cuisine, movies, live classical music concerts and badminton. Whenever possible, I try to get out of the house: go away for the weekend, go for a walk or go jogging. I usually spend my free time with my friends and family.

  • Agata - Lawyer
    Agata - Lawyer

  • Joanna - Accountant
    Joanna - Accountant

    I love music, theater and books - especially crime stories. What’s more, I train Kung Fu.

  • Katarzyna - Accountant Assistant
    Katarzyna - Accountant Assistant

    After work I relax at home and read lots of books (such as crime stories and recently Stephen King’s books). When I have free time and the weather’s nice, you can find me on the beach or in the forest going for a long walk.

  • Marta - Junior Talent Acquisition Specialist
    Marta - Junior Talent Acquisition Specialist

    I am interested in the HR field and wish to challenge myself and develop my competencies every day. I live in a great city by the sea and I believe it is a perfect place to relax and have some fun. I am fond of cooking and baking as good food is what counts for me!

  • Beata - Accountant
    Beata - Accountant

  • Ekaterina - Branch Development Administrator
    Ekaterina - Branch Development Administrator

    I joined the team in the spring of 2015 and I must say it was a great choice! I have experience both in billing and recruitment, so my role is dual in a way. What is more, I’m an enthusiast of marketing, and try to attend various courses and conferences to improve my skills in the field of e-mail and Instagram marketing. I spend my free time doing various activities, like knitting, sewing, tatting, attending a book club, or at the gym.

  • Wioletta - Financial Specialist
    Wioletta - Financial Specialist

    I have a degree in Finance and Accounting and I’ve been working in this area since graduating. After work I enjoy watching movies and reading books, especially drama and crime stories. Another way to relax is spending free time with my friends and my big family. I like trying new tastes but only if I’m not the cook :) I love visiting new places in Poland and abroad - I think I’m a good tour operator.

  • Sylwia - Accountant
    Sylwia - Accountant

    I like watching sports on TV (especially volleyball and swimming). In my free time I like going to the cinema, meeting with friends, cycling or kayaking. When it gets warm, you can meet me on the nearby beaches. I love relaxing on the beach and soaking up the sun.

  • Maria - Junior Financial Controller
    Maria - Junior Financial Controller

    I like spending my free time in an active way: I’ll never say no to cycling, jogging or playing racket sports. Besides this, I enjoy going out with my friends or organizing ‘raclette’ dinners at home. Best way to relax? Watering plants and watching them grow - it helps to keep positive thoughts in my head :)

  • Justyna - Accountant
    Justyna - Accountant

  • Róża - Accountant
    Róża - Accountant

    I am a cheerful, communicative and open person. I have always a lot stuff going on, but when I am relaxing I enjoy listening to good music. Among my beloved artists I would name Roisin Murphy, Sia, Florence And The Machine and Lana Del Rey. I have a thing for lakes and breathtaking landscapes, so whenever I can, I choose to spend some time in nature.

  • Łukasz - Information Security Administrator
    Łukasz - Information Security Administrator

    Even though I studied at the Ocean Engineering and Ship Technology Faculty, I set out on a life-changing adventure with modern technologies pretty soon and engaged in this area of business for good. Interested in processes and procedures of organizations, I decided to focus my career on safety and data protection. Besides my work I have many hobbies including windsurfing, skiff, motorcycling, hanging out with friends and traveling around the world – I try to broaden my horizons constantly.

  • Monika - Financial Specialist
    Monika - Financial Specialist

    I have several years' experience working in finance and controlling departments. I worked as a Finance Analyst and helped to grow a company. When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time outdoors. I fell in love with cross-fit and I spend all of my free time in a cross-fit box. What's more, I'm a snowboarder and I can’t live without a mountain view, so whenever I have some free time I head to the South of Poland. When I’m not working or doing the above, you can find me cycling around the city.

  • Monika - Junior UX Designer
    Monika - Junior UX Designer

    I am a Social Anthropology, Korean Studies, and Ethno linguistics graduate. I am interested in both Koreas, reading and watching everything connected with this topic. I love music (especially rock, metal and folk), mountains (although I complain a lot while climbing) and the intangible inheritance of Poland. I am a folk freak who loves traveling and would like to visit every single place in the world.

  • Aleksandra - Legal Department Manager
    Aleksandra - Legal Department Manager

    I find each legal case a unique puzzle and I am driven by the challenge to find the right solution. In my free time I enjoy long discussions with friends, or clearing my mind while practising various sports, with a special focus on boxing.

  • Monika - Executive Assistant
    Monika - Executive Assistant

  • Anna - Payroll and Personnel Manager
    Anna - Payroll and Personnel Manager

    I studied Economics and Human Resources Management, and these ideally come together in my role in the HR Department. There are three main areas to be mentioned among my interests. First of all – sport: I practised swimming professionally for years, and water is my element. Second of all – traveling: I fell in love with Italy when I lived there, and I try to go back there as often as possible. Third – leisure time: board games with friends is what makes my evening enjoyable!

  • Monika - Office Assistant
    Monika - Office Assistant

    I have studied both management and psychology and that has given me a great grounding for my professional experience. I like to surround myself with my family and friends, having some fun and chilling out together. I am passionate about traveling; I love planning trips and holidays, and picking new destinations.

  • Magdalena - Office Assistant
    Magdalena - Office Assistant

    I graduated from the economics faculty, but always kept my mind open to new ideas and perspectives. My dream is to visit as many European capitals as possible, so I guess that my life challenge is to see them all. More locally – I enjoy bike rides and weekend trips.

  • Justyna - Accounting Manager (Holding)
    Justyna - Accounting Manager (Holding)

    I have a lot of passion for cooking, especially for my dear ones and friends. Apart from that, I love spending an afternoon or evening watching movies or chilling to some good music. Owning a dog means there is also some active relaxation that I enjoy – which is having a really long walk with my favorite pet!

  • Monika - Payroll Specialist
    Monika - Payroll Specialist

    Working with people gives me a lot of satisfaction, so I am happily placed in the HR department in a very stimulating environment. I am a creative and out-going person, always willing to help others whenever I can. I like meeting new people, having a close relationship with colleagues and friends, and I highly appreciate a good sense of humor at work.

  • Monika - Accountant
    Monika - Accountant

    I devote almost all of my free time to my daughter, Nadia, but when I choose to have some relaxation on my own I usually decide to read Swedish crime stories. Besides that, I am also very keen on cycling and fitness. When it comes to holidays, I will always pick lakes and green landscapes as they bring back memories of my family roots.

  • Joanna - Junior Talent Acquisition Specialist
    Joanna - Junior Talent Acquisition Specialist

    I studied organizational psychology and I am interested in human resources and people-oriented projects. Being involved in communications, event organization and translations on a daily basis, I really enjoy turning myself off sometimes to keep the right balance. The best way to get a break? Running along the beach, getting tired in the fresh air, having a long road trip or going to the mountains – for me these are the best.

  • Aleksandra - Paralegal
    Aleksandra - Paralegal

    As a graduate of Law Studies I would point to labor law and company law as my main areas of interest. I am a very active person and I have several favorite activities, but pole dance is my main passion. Yet I am very fond of cycling and scavenger hunt events as well.

  • Alicja - Lawyer
    Alicja - Lawyer

    I have experience as an Attorney-at-law in one of the biggest companies in the oil&gas industry in the northern part of Poland. I spend every single moment of my spare time riding horses, including taking part in regional jumping competitions, not having enough time to do much more besides this. I love to explore foreign cuisines and new places.

  • Magdalena - Administration Officer
    Magdalena - Administration Officer

    I am a happy, easy-going person, who enjoys challenges and fun. I love nature and spending my free time in a green environment of any kind, including mountains, lakes, the seaside, parks and every other landscape. Apart from that, I also relax by reading books – especially crime and science fiction stories.

  • Michał - Main Health and Safety Manager
    Michał - Main Health and Safety Manager

    I graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration and, what is more, I also studied Health and Safety at the University of Technology. In my free time I enjoy working as a volunteer in various ventures – I am a firefighter and rescue worker at the Volunteer Fire Department. The rest of my free time I spend with my wife and two daughters. I love jazz, sung poetry and modern theater.

  • Agnieszka - Financial Controller
    Agnieszka - Financial Controller

    If I were to describe the perfect way to spend my leisure time it would be having a good time in the afternoons with my friends and family. I would top that with a good movie and I am fully content.

  • Tomasz - Lawyer
    Tomasz - Lawyer

    I adore most outdoor activities, and whenever possible - spend time in the backcountry. While staying in the town, I spend my time going out to live music events, and cooking and drinking good coffee. I am addicted to riding my road bike aimlessly on summer nights.

  • Monika - Lawyer
    Monika - Lawyer

    I am very dedicated to sports – they cover almost all of my free time, and I really enjoy relaxing actively and training. In the summer I usually go windsurfing. If not on the water, I can be found practising kettlebells, squash or tennis.

  • Marta - Director of Finance and Administration
    Marta - Director of Finance and Administration

    I graduated with a degree in Corporate Finance and have been working in the profession ever since. What counts for me in my everyday life is attention to detail, but most essentially, human relations. Working with people inspires me and brings me energy. I enjoy the simple pleasures of life; for me the best way to relax is to spend my free time with family and friends eating, talking, etc.

  • Ewa - Payroll Specialist
    Ewa - Payroll Specialist

  • Justyna - Junior Office Assistant
    Justyna - Junior Office Assistant

    I studied Tourism and Recreation and I like traveling. I’m organized and open-minded. I want to develop myself and I guess that GetResponse is a great place to do so!

  • Paulina - Accountant
    Paulina - Accountant

    For me every day is a chance to learn something new and raise new goals. I believe that success is the sum of small efforts. At work I always try to do my best, listen to others and be helpful. After work I enjoy walking with my dog, trying new culinary recipes and road trips. My dream is to visit Amazon rainforest someday.

  • Arleta - Accountant
    Arleta - Accountant

    Besides my professional interest, which is accounting, I really like windmills, an iconic part of the Dutch landscape, especially those located in and around Amsterdam.